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Welcome to our website and thank you for your interest in our preschool!  We serve families of The Woodlands and the surrounding area, during the exciting preschool years.  We provide an excellent Christian preschool that offers the highest quality academics, taught by teachers who care about each child’s cognitive, emotional, social, physical, and spiritual, development.

We welcome you to visit our school, tour our classrooms, and allow us the opportunity to share more about our program and help you discover if our preschool is a great match for your child and family!



We offer classes for children ages 15 months through 5 (Transition).

We have 4 classes:

  • Toddlers.
  • 2-year olds..
  • 3 year olds.
  • Pre-K (4-5 year olds.)

* Denotes the child's age as of September 1st of each school year.

School hours are Monday - Friday 8:30 a.m. – 2:30 p.m.

Extended Care (before and after school) is available from 7:30 a.m. to 8:30 a.m. and 2:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m., at an additional cost.

Ensuring that there is open communication between school and home is of utmost importance to us; given that education is a cooperative activity between parents, children, and teachers. Every child is given a folder that is sent home daily and includes the child’s work, important information from the school and Daily Reports that are completed by each child’s teacher. These reports indicate the child’s attentiveness, participation, socialization, appetite, rest, for the youngest class, toileting, and will also note any specific information or concerns.

To keep parents informed of classroom activities, teachers send home a weekly newsletter. Parent/teacher conferences are typically held once each year, with additional conferences being held at the request of the parent or the teacher. Parents are encouraged to communicate with the child’s teacher and/or the director when special information needs to be shared, at drop off or pick up times, through notes, or phone calls.

Parents are asked to be involved in certain “homework” activities to assist children in beginning to communicate their school experience with parents. Since young children are still developing their verbal skills, we value the opportunity for two-way sharing of information between parents and our school.

Since early childhood research shows that there is not one curriculum that is strong in every aspect, that young children learn best when experiencing and doing, and the differences in learning styles, we use a combination of curricula, programs, and formats; and each class is designed to be a building block for the next level, as the child moves toward Kindergarten.

Bible lessons and Chapel
All classes use Concordia Publishing House Christian Curriculum for Bible lessons and Bible verses. The children have a Bible lesson each day, as they learn a Bible story per week. They also memorize Bible verses that they recite, as a class, in Chapel. Chapel is held on Thursday and Friday mornings at 9:00 a.m. Chapel lasts approximately 20 minutes and parents are always welcome to attend.

All students participate in a Special Activities program for enrichment in Art, Spanish, Music and Movement. While the 2-3 year olds remain with their classroom teachers for these activities, the 3-4 year olds, Pre-Kindergarten, and Transition classes go to a separate classroom and teacher for Specials.

Toddlers and 2-3 year olds
Our Toddlers and 2-3 year old program is designed as a loving and exciting environment for the first experience of a child learning in a classroom with other children. Teacher and peer interaction, as well as classroom activities, encourage the children to use expressive language and foster an increase in receptive language. The Core Knowledge® Curriculum provides our learning objectives. This classroom uses monthly Academic Units that are enhanced with hands on academic activities to improve fine and gross motor, pre-reading, pre-writing, early math, and social skills. Students learn about the alphabet, counting and numbers, colors, shapes, and about the world around them, during circle time, story time, table time, movement, art, and centers. Children develop friendships with their peers and their teachers and learn that school is fun!

Preschool 3-4 year olds
Our 3-4 year old program is dedicated to furthering each child’s academic, social, and leadership abilities, positive self- esteem, and sense of responsibility. Core Knowledge® is our formal curriculum and is enhanced in all aspects. Our curriculum is broken down into an overall topic for each month. Each week the focus is on a specific science or social studies topic, a letter from the alphabet, and a number. An activity is incorporated for each developmental and educational area every day, including science, math, language arts, gross motor, fine motor, art, and, on occasion, an exciting cooking project. Each learning center provides children with opportunities to learn about themselves and their peers, problem solving skills, working together, following classroom rules, and most importantly feeling good about learning. Children continue to build relationships with their peers and are excited about learning and their growing abilities.

Pre-Kindergarten 4-5 year olds
The goal of our Pre-Kindergarten and Transition Programs are to ensure that each child is given the final skills needed to enjoy and be fully successful in Kindergarten.

Saxon Early Learning® is a weekly themed curriculum that we use for literature, social studies, and science areas. Literature offers the opportunity for the children to have classic and modern stories read to them, and they learn about the title, author, illustrator and ideas of each book. In social studies they learn about their world and the animals and people who are part of it. Science involves fun hands on experiments and activities. The Core Knowledge® curriculum provides "what your preschooler needs to know" in all aspects to complete the preparation for Kindergarten.

A Beka® curriculum and Saxon Early Learning® are both used to provide a strong foundation in phonics and writing. Through a variety of individual and group activities that teach the letter/sound combinations and letter blends, the children begin to put letters together to form words and practice writing letters and words. Children also enjoy learning sight words throughout the year, sparking an interest in reading as they begin to recognize words.

Hands on Standards® curriculum and Saxon Early Learning® are both used to provide hands on activities to teach the children skills such as counting, patterning, sorting, and adding.

In preparation for Kindergarten, all classroom activities are designed to gradually increase each child’s ability to be more independent. Young children thrive when they are independent in age-appropriate skills; which leads to a feeling of security and confidence.


I enthusiastically recommend Living Word Lutheran School. The teachers and staff have provided a loving and carefully planned environment for my son. Their compassion and commitment to their students is evident on a daily basis.  

- Michelle -

My husband and I were both told about Living Word Lutheran School from two separate friends whose children had attended this school. These families expressed their appreciation for all of the wonderful ladies who cared for their children during their time there and how prepared their children were for Kindergarten. Keeping their words in mind and after seeing the facility, we too were sold. During our time at LWLS, we found each teacher to be enthusiastic in their teaching, compassionate in their faith, loving yet firm in guiding the children’s social and behavioral development, and also maintaining a structural learning environment. Our youngest just completed the Pre-K class and is headed to Kindergarten. My husband and I are both excited and saddened to be moving on from this preschool. We will greatly miss the loving environment provided by the wonderful teachers and staff at LWLC.

- Trudi -

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